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AO - Future Updates

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1 AO - Future Updates on Wed Apr 01, 2009 3:30 pm

future updates i found on AO - Forums just to bring here just incase u don't read it.

3 more C class merc coming out:
(can't find character picture)
1.) Hwarang
- bowman which is suppose to be an counter for musicians

2.) Punisher
- a merc which uses a chainsaw like the maniac
- looks like barret from ff7 if u played final fantasy 7 according to some people

3.) Enchantriss
- uses an instrument weapon
- female xD
- a weaker version of a musician i think

New Mount that looks like a giant turkey or chicken

Apollo's Orpheon (Griffon) 1
Armed Mount box 1
Ancient Skill Book 10
Ancient Skill Book (merc only) 10
Ambrosia 500 ?
Perm. Merc room License 3
Scroll of Bewitch 50
Scroll of Freezing 150
Scroll of Judgement 150
Scroll of Life 150
Scroll of Resurrection 150
(maybe more crap with it)

mount image

Tourism Manager Quests:

-Resets Daily automatically, repeatable quest

- Search for relics in each area and find the Tourism Managers, and collect information about local culture

Mission Area NPCS +Quest names + Level requirements

East Asia (Lv 15 requirement)

"Helping with report to the association" Near Shanghai, Matsue

South East Asia (lv 30 requirement)

"South East Asian Ruins Enthusiast woman"Near Kathmandu

Southern Europe (Lv 60 requirement)

"Old man who's really worried about the Tourism Manager" Near Athens

Northern Europe (Lv 90 requirement)

"Weird Personality, but responsible Berlin branch Manager" Near Berlin

(no idea what this is about but looks like a daily quest)

New Dungeons:
Bulguksa Temple Seokgulam Grotto

Main Temple, Gautama Tower, Shadowless Tower.
scenary shots

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2 Re: AO - Future Updates on Sun Apr 05, 2009 2:56 am

Thx, nice to have some info before they patch in and spring it on us!! Rolling Eyes

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3 New Wings + Costume Later On on Sat Apr 11, 2009 5:07 pm

No idea when its gonna come out here since it just came out recently in korea atlantica

New Item: Lucifer's Sealed Box
Launching Data: 4/9/2009
Gcoin: 999 or 990?

- at low rate, you can get "Lucifer's wrings" or "armed mount box"
- you can get lucifer's dress/hat
- you get 1 random item out of 17 items.

1. 1 x Lucifer's Wings
2. 2 x Lcuifer's Outfit Box*
3. 1 x Armed Mount Box*
4. 10 x Ancient Skill Book
5. 10 x Ancient Skill Book (Merc Only)
6. 1 x Vial of Amnesia
7. 2 x Extra Inventory License (Perm)
8. 3 x Merc. Room License (Perm)
9. 150 x "Vial of Skill" [Beg] <---- I don't know what these are.... (Maybe Secret Vial of Potential?)
10. 150 x Bewitching Scroll [Pre]
11. 150 x Freezing Scroll [Pre]
12. 150 x Judgement Scroll [Pre]
13. 150 x Resurrection Scroll [Pre]
14. 150 x Life's Blessing Scroll [Pre]
15. 1 x Lucifer's Sealed Box
16. 2 x Lucifer's Sealed Box
17. 3 x Lucifer's Sealed Box

*Armed Mount Box contains one of :
- Armed Snow Tiger
- Armed Volcanic Raptor
- Armed Byzantine Elephant

at random.

* Lucifer's Outfit Box
You can choose one of the following:
- Lucifer's Dress
- Lucifer's Hat



Very Happy

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