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Microsoft chief executive said three changing market is not a threat

Microsoft chief executive said three changing market is not a threat

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Coach Outlet Microsoft chief executive officer Steve ballmer said, from computer smartphone and tablet is a tumult "potential", but said the technology industry software maker will continue in this fast-changing market.

Mr Ballmer said, Microsoft's Windows operating system used in the present world, most of the PC and will appear in a new contact PDA.

"It depends on how you want to finish the equipment in different times, there will be those who want the absolute comfortable and familiar with all the Windows," Mr Ballmer digital conference on Thursday, he appeared on the stage and Microsoft chief software architect ray Ozzie.

Cheap coach bags Apple has taken the lead in emerging markets, sales of more than 2 million pieces iPad tablets in nearly two months. Apple recently also exceeded Microsoft's market value.

"There's nothing wrong with this, we in the trend," he said, consumer tastes, such as tablets and new interconnection equipment intelligence.

"We are fundamentally is our world, could be even better," he said.

Coach Bags Outlet Mr Ballmer said, business in developing countries has started to come back and consumption of enterprise technology seems recovering.

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