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Military commander of the U.S. Open: daily hacking the Pentagon spying network 6,000,000 times

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according to coach outlet, "By David Keys," 5
reported Meiguo Wang military commander Alexander pointed out that the hacker
was spying on the Pentagon's network every day(coach bags) times as many as 600
million; he was worried by the U.S. computer systems "long-range enemy"
attacks will increase.
According to reports, Meiguo Wang Command was formally established only
recently in charge of a four-star general Alexander (coach handbags).
Alexander is also the National Security Agency. After he served as commander
of the network in the United States Strategic and International Studies
issued the first public speech that he first priority after taking office, R
& D network threatened the United States military real-time picture; and
started to develop counter this threat to the regulations.
Alexander pointed out that the Pentagon system was 250 000 times per hour,
external detection, cheap coach bags
one day down on as many as 600 million.

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