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After outcry, banks stop charging to count customers' small change

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chanel bags -- China's bank regulator should improve rules designed to prevent
commercial banks from levying charges they are not authorized to make, financial
experts said Sunday, after controversy broke out regarding bank charges for counting
coins and low-value notes.
The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the China Banking
Regulatory Commission (chanel shoes) had asked the banks to suspend the charges, according to
a statement the CBRC posted Friday on its website.
"The banks will be more careful and take public opinions into account for making
charges related to the public interest, and are dedicated to improving their
financial services," the CBRC said.
"It is the regulator's fault if its regulations allow the banks to make charges
discriminating against customers, most of whom are middle- and low-income people,"
said Chen Xinhua, a professor of finance at the chanel outlet University of Finance and

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