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Embarrassed British Prime Minister Winston Churchill: the Tehran meeting did not pull his zipper

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During the meeting in Tehran, there was such a thing. When heated debate on the issue of opening the second front, many have found, Eden to Churchill wrote a little note. Prime Minister read the paper, wrote something on it, then handed over to Eden. coach bagsChurchill's note which read, the paper crumpled, thrown into the waste basket next to the word. End of the meeting, participants had dispersed, Stalin got the note I report to him, what a piece of paper to write. Obviously, he wrote the note that would involve the United Kingdom's position on the issues discussed. I and Stalin, an officer with the security forces found the note goes on, and quickly went to Stalin holding a piece of paper, when he and Molotov with a walk in the garden of the embassy. I opened the note, read out: "Winston, your pants zipper opened." Followed by Churchill's are mine: "Thank you. Eagle will not fall from the nest of." Stalin bad music. The summer of 1945, Churchill lost the general election in the United Kingdom. Labour Party leader Clement Attlee took over his post. And he came to Potsdam with the new British Foreign Secretary, the British labor movement activist
coach handbags famous text. Once in the toilet (sometimes accompanied by their superiors translation should go to the bathroom), Bevan stood not far from Stalin's urinal, jokingly said: "In a capitalist world, the public toilets is the only place, only the working people here only able to grasp with both hands the means of production. "cunning Stalin smiled, and joked:" In the socialist world, cheap coach bags
too. "

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