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Want to slim down the best sleep more

Want to slim down the best sleep more

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1 Want to slim down the best sleep more on Mon Jun 07, 2010 2:58 am

Coach Outlet A study found that people who sleep less tend to be fat, and experts said it’s time find if more sleep will fight obesity.

  “We’ve put so much emphasis on diet and exercise that we’ve failed to recognize the value of good sleep,” said Fred Turek, a physician at North-western University.

   Cheap coach bags Men slept an average of 27 minutes less than women and overweight and obese patients slept less than patients with normal weights, it said. In general the fatter subjects slept about 1.8 hours a week less than those with normal weight.

  “Americans experience insufficient sleep and corpulent bodies. Clinicians are aware of the burden of obesity on patients,” the study said.”

  The study was published in the Archives of Internal Medicine along with an editorial by Turek and Northwestern colleague Joseph Bass commenting on it and related research.

Coach Bags Outlet  In an interview with Reuters, Turek said some studies have shown sleep deprivation causes declines in an appetite suppressing protein hormone called leptin, and increases in another hormone that causes a craving for food. In addition neuropeptides in the brain governing sleep and obesity appear to overlap, he said.

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