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White House press statement of 89-year-old woman had improperly retired U.S. president to visit over 10

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President never liked reporters. If you would like to welcome, do not do this line. - Helen Thomas

Helen would be a good girl, if she throw away his pen and the words of this interview. -
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According to my calculations, Helen has worked here for 10 000 the morning, spent the thousands of notebook, pen support thousands and thousands of cups of coffee. - Clinton

Consolidated News Agency, "
coach handbags" reported on the 7th U.S. Hearst Newspaper Group, announced the legendary, now 89-year-old Helen Thomas, White House press would immediately retire. News of her decades of experience practicing improper remarks against Israel for its end.

Hearst Newspaper Group day on the site said in a statement, Thomas gave a report on Israel and Palestine "controversial remarks", the speech was recorded on the network widely disseminated. The statement said that Thomas willcheap coach bags immediately terminate his career.

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