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Food for the soul

Food for the soul

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1 Food for the soul on Sun Jul 11, 2010 3:26 am

Coach Outlet Soul Hunger,everybody have this experience,what will you do when you feel your soul has nothing to fill in?

Blaise Pascal,the 17th-century French mathematician and philosopher,said there is a God-shaped vacuum in every human heart.Centuries before Pascal,a man named Augustine searched to fill the aching void in his own life.After he found what he had been missing,he wrote a prayer in which he said to God,"You have made us for yourself,and our heart is restless until we find our rest in you".

Those two thinkers have expressed what each one of us realizes in our quiet,reflective moments.Deep within us is a restless desire to know who made us,we want to find the purpose he has for our existence in his vast universe,we long to find peace in a word that is being torn apart by feuding families,warring nations,militant religious groups,economic uncertainty,and self-destructive addicious.

Cheap coach bags At times we may try to suppress that longing,We may try to fill the emptiness with a busy life,community service,career pursuits,romatic relationships,or by trying to cover up the ache with drugs and alcohol.Even though we may try to suppress or deny that longing within us,it wil surface again and again....

Recently I read the Holy Bible,I find peace in my heart when I read it,so I received Jesus as my God,I believe that the god can lead my life,I believe he will give a eternal life for me.

Coach Bags Outlet Dear friend,have you read the Holy bible before?it is one of the best seller in the world.No matter whether you are a Christen or not,this book is worthy reading.Now I read the English edition of Holy Bible,I really find it is good.

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